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Business Values and Motivators
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Business Values and Motivators

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The famous speaker Zig Ziglar once said he had never met a person who was truly lazy, but he'd met many people who were under-motivated. He also said his job as a speaker was not to motivate anyone in his audience- doing so was impossible, because people motivate themselves. His job was to help them recognize that truth.

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That truth is described in Understanding Business Values and Motivators, this leading edge book written by Consultant/Author Ira S. Wolfe. This book is THE 21st Century manager's primer to understanding how to motivate employees and how managers can tap into those motivators to encourage continuous productivity improvement, improved morale, and peak performance.

Understanding Business Values and Motivators is not about short-lived motivational tricks. This book is based on the proven theories of Eduard Spranger. In 1920 Spranger identified six motivators that are keys to what we value.  He published these insights in the book Types of Men. Additional research by Gordon Alport and Philip Vernon further developed Spranger's model.

In Understanding Business Values and Motivators, Ira Wolfe writes a book that takes Spranger's model and translates it into an easy to understand, modern day version of "why we do what we do."

Wolfe provides valuable and easily applied tips and techniques that every manager can use right away to motivate employees, loved ones at home, or volunteers. Its purpose is to show you what people value and how to tap into those motivators for their success and yours.

Suffering in the wrong career? Don't know what you want to do, but you do know you need to pursue a new or different career? Understanding Business Values and Motivators is the perfect book to help you plan a career that focuses your time and energy in the right places for you.

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