I strongly recommend Dr. Ira Wolfe's book, "Understanding Business Values & Motivators." Dr. Wolfe writes in a Blanchard style of getting the information across in an easy, understandable and practical way. With a better understanding of our "motivators", we can do a much better job of relating to our employees, enhancing productivity and reducing our workday stress.

John Rose
Senior Vice President, CFO
Horst Group

Ira Wolfe does it again! Every business owner, large company executive, and human resource manager needs to read Understanding Business Values and Motivators. Ira describes simply and elegantly how to understand what people value. The business values and motivators instrument is perhaps THE missing link in our assessment models to date. Read and be enlightened. Apply and profit.

Eric Dombach
President, Action International Business Coaching, Lancaster

Understanding Business Values and Motivators is a simple yet beneficial read. Every manager can easily relate to Ira's examples making it easy to understand and implement people solutions in today's dynamic healthcare environment.

John Porter,
CEO, Ephrata Community Hospital

As co-author and developer of Essential Insights Business Motivators you did a great job in explaining "Why we do what we do!" This book will benefit anyone who works with or manages people.

Bill Schult, President, Maximum Potential Inc.

"This book is filled with practical advice and is a must-read for every manager and executive who has the responsibility of selecting the right people for their organizations and then keeping them motivated."

Glenn Ebersole,
The Renaissance Group (TM)

Understanding Business Values and Motivators has implications far beyond traditional human resources concepts. For the savvy sales and marketing manager, what Ira Wolfe captures will become the competitive edge for managers in understanding branding and motivating people to buy.

Daniel L. Cousino
Master Consultant
Six Sigma Academy

Understanding Business Values & Motivators is a “must” read for every employee, supervisor and/or manager who strives to understand the “why” behind peoples’ actions. Great examples!!

Judy Suiter
President-Competitive Edge, Inc.
Author of Energizing People and The Power of Attitudes

From ‘What are your Values’ to ‘What do you value’ is a major paradigm shift. This shift focuses on the behavior that is dynamic and animated and therefore more meaningful.

Naveen Coomar
Chief Executive
Scan Consulting Network (India)

Your book has shaken my soul and said to me there is more in life. For the first time I have written down my goals and am motivated to achieve them.

Saten Sharma
Energy Specialist
Mercury Energy (New Zealand)

The first three paragraphs hooked me right away. And “who do you know” immediately helped me understand what the motivated person looks like and how to keep him or her that way.

Nadine E. Brown
Training Specialist
Waterville TG Inc.

This is a great piece of work! It is easy to read and follow yet gives
a great deal of information.

Pattie Hamons,SPHR,CPBA
Character Assets Ltd.

Ira's has cleverly illustrated with real life anecdotes his incredible understanding motivation. Understanding Business Values and Motivators is an easy read with lots of valuable information for managers and employees alike.

Krista Sheets
Paragon Resources, Inc.

If you want a quick and simple understanding of workplace Values and Motivations and their benefits as an employee selection/development measure, Ira delivers with this book!

Rob McKay MA(Hons)
Director – PsychAssessments Ltd
Auckland NZ

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